DeMi Corvina Veronese

A fantastic new red wine made from 100% Corvina grapes – excellent with all meat and game dishes.



DeMì – 100% Corvina Veronese, vendemmia tardiva

This wine has been in our thoughts for many years, we dreamed of creating a structured red wine with the main red grape of our vineyards, and finally the 2019 vintage led us to do so.

First of all, we decided to harvest the grapes later than usual (“vendemmia tardiva” in English is “late harvest”). The grapes did 3 weeks of natural drying on the vine.

We then selected only the best bunches, picked the grapes by hand and brought them to the cellar. Here began the fermentation at a controlled temperature and maceration on the skins for 30 days, to extract all the colors, perfumes and aromas of Corvina.

At the end of fermentation, we left the wine to age for 12 months in old concrete barrels, just as our grandfather did.

So this wine is made as it was 50 years ago, in the most natural way possible, but with a young and elegant packaging.

The name? It comes from the union of the new generation of the winery: Mirco and Deborah, hence DeMi.

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