Il Radioso di nonno Ciampani Passito Bianco Igt del Veneto

A lovely partner with blue-green marbling together with honey and jam, and fancy cakes.

Volume: 0.375L



Grape Varieties

Garganega, Cortese.


Last two weeks of September. Selections of the best grapes from the vineyards of the Winery, and laid flat in small wooden boxes containing an average of just 4 kilograms. This allows good air flow during the crucial drying process.


The grapes are allowed to dry gently in well-ventilated rooms for around 3-4 months, concentrating their flavours, sweetness and colour. In winter, the grapes are crushed and the must finished the fermentation in barrels and steel tanks. The wine is then put into bottles where it remains to mature for at least 1 year before being released for sale.


Bright golden yellow.


Intensely perfumed with floral notes and hints of sultanas, apricot, raisins, honey, jam citrus.


Soft-bodied, intense and persistent.

Alcohol content

15,5 % vol

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