INTEGRALE - Unfiltered 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500ml

A fruity taste with a slight sensation of fresh grass and almond.

Volume: 500ml



Redoro Frantoi Veneti’s “Integral” Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from Italian olives harvested slightly in advance, giving a slightly more sour taste to the excellent extra virgin olive oil produced by our mills.

The high quality of our extra virgin olive oil derives from the obsessively controlled supply chain starting from the cultivation of the olives up to the harvest and controlled milling every moment to ensure cold pressing according to the strictest rules of the ancient oil tradition.

The freshly produced extra virgin oil is stored directly under nitrogen to maintain all the excellent characteristics that make it up. The slightly cloudy appearance gives it the characteristic of “freshly squeezed”.

This is why the “Integrale” denomination is reserved for the prestigious quality of this Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

You can choose from our gift boxes or Christmas baskets (during the holiday period) the type of extra virgin olive oil that you like best: Wholemeal, Local, Gold Line, Organic and the exceptional Perlarol Oil.

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250ml – £4.95, 500ml – £7.95

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