EXTRA - 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 250ml

Medium and clear color saturation. It has a balanced slightly spicy and astringent character.

Volume: 250ml



At the aromatic level it has a medium olfactory character, free from defects, characterized by the aromas of olive, fresh vegetable followed by subtle notes of fruit and dried fruit. Balanced at the right point to make every dish tasty.

Linea ORO is 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil and, like all our products, cold extracted from Italian olives.

In the Veronese area, many renowned restaurants use the “ORO line” for extra virgin olive oil to be put on the guests’ table, for its exceptional quality and for the flavor suitable to satisfy most palates, even the most demanding.


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250ml – £3.95, 500ml – £6.95, 750ml – £8.95

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