Allambrusco IGP Balsamic Vinegar

Density: 1.35
Acidity: 6%
Capacity: 250ml



While Trebbiano and Sangiovese also have origins outside the Modena area, Lambrusco was born in Modena and is closely linked to the history, culture and food traditions typical of the Emilian city.

That’s why choosing a balsamic vinegar made only with Lambrusco grapes from Emilia Romagna, means going to the heart of Modena, to its origin and tradition.

The aroma, body and softness of Lambrusco musts (Sorbara, Grasparossa and Salamino) make it a unique product in the world . This unique high-density balsamic vinegar is exquisite, rich, full-bodied and with notes of berries and the taste is spicy and sweet, persistent but delicate.

To be combined with: cold cuts and cheeses and creative use in the kitchen. A true gourmet product.

Just for curiosity: The density of water is 1.00 the density of honey 1.42. “Super dense” products tend to crystallize in barrels during the winter due to their high sugar content

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