La Nera (3 pack)

Top-fermented beer, dark colour, creamy with a persistent head. Dominant liquorice and coffee aroma; decisively bitter, balanced and resinous. Sweet and balanced flavour.

Volume: 330ml



High fermentation Imperial Stout from 7,0% vol.

The colour is dark and impenetrable, the foam is butter coloured, thick, creamy and persistent. The scent is filled with toasted notes and cocoa aromas, coffee, liquorice and a reminder of burnt sugar.

The taste is complex and extremely intriguing: structured body, softness, sweet and toasted sensations are only some tiles of the mosaic. Each sip will lead you to new sensorial connections, through a wonderful game of reminders.

This beer is surely full of charm! Its elegance will spin your head around and you’ll find the drink of our Imperial Stout friendlier than you would ever imagine.

The additional idea: Serve it after dinner suggesting your friends to pour coffee inside their glass, it’s a great alternative to a classic liquor. The notes already predominant in the beer will stand out, the service temperature will rise and the creaminess will be extreme. Try the LABI coffee to believe it!

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