La Dorata (3 pack)

Top-fermented beer, golden yellow colour, white, creamy with a persistent head. On the nose flavours of malt, honey and biscuit. Persistently spicy, pleasantly bitter, balanced and dry finish.

Volume: 330ml



High fermentation Belgian Strong Ale from 7,0% vol.

The colour is golden yellow; the foam is rich and almost white creamy.

The scent is captured by the notes of yellow fruit together with resinous touches. A perfect balance between Teutonic malt and the flavours given by the particular yeast used. A slightly spicy taste and a defined end make it unique.

Don’t let the structured body and vitality scare you: it will seduce you with soft and flavoured touches.

The strength of this beer is its character!

The additional idea: Prepare a quick dessert using a base of sponge cake sprinkled with LABI La DORATA beer. Alternate layers of whipping cream and peaches in syrup. Decorate the last layer with some dark chocolate shavings.

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