La Bionda (3 pack)

Top-fermented beer, golden yellow colour, white, fine and persistent head. Cereal and grassy aroma, given by the hop. Fresh taste, delicately bitter and pleasant; not very full-bodied, with a medium sweet finish.

Volume: 330ml



Light beer of high fermentation from 4,8% vol.

The colour is golden bright yellow; the foam is rich and persistent with fine grain.

The scent is combined by notes of grain and a nice herbal hopping touch. The body is slim, the taste is fresh, the carbonation is very pleasant and the drink extremely easy.

Refreshing and disengaged, a great companion for all occasions.

This beer, apparently so classic and traditional, has its own strength in the accurate selection of raw materials mixed with art by our brewer.

A great beer comes from strong roots and in our case, also from a huge passion!

The additional idea: Did you ever think about a beer popsicle? Melt some brown sugar in water and add LABI La BIONDA, fill the stamps and leave them in the freezer for a few hours.

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