La Bianca (3 pack)

Top-fermented beer, clear and opalescent colour, white, compact and persistent head. Orange peel, coriander and cardamom aroma. Refreshing, slightly acidic taste, given by the wheat.

Volume: 330ml



Blanche beer of high fermentation from 4,5% vol.

The colour is light yellow, slightly pale; the foam is rich and thick.

You will sense a well distinguished explosion of spices, especially coriander, sweetened by citrus notes and white flowers. The body is slim and soft; wheat and oat makes the beer extremely light and mellow.

The combination of a slightly citrus-spicy mix and a light final bitter makes the taste refreshing.

This beer, widespread in the area of Brabante Fiammingo, features a fresh bouquet and it’s easy to drink.

Cooler than an aperitif, more scented than a spring day, it will conquer your heart and palate!

The additional idea: Prepare a fresh Sangria-blanca! Chop in small squares some kiwi, pineapple and oranges and put them in a glass of LABI La BIANCA. To boost the flavour, leave the spices inside a gauze or an infuser: cardamom, fresh ginger and mint leaves.

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